InnovaCare President Dr. Rick Shinto and Ceo Penelope Kokkinides Work with President Trump to Assist  Puerto Rican Healthcare Systems Devestated by Hurricane Maria

InnovaCare was founded by President and CEO Rick Shinto in 1998. He founded InnovaCare because he recognized that that was a need for functional expertise among physician groups across the world in a constantly changing market. He worked with the NAMM, an organization that he also joined in 1998 (North American Medical Management) in California to work on achieving this goal. NAMM and Dr. Shinto moved to partner with the The Straus Group in 2003, this caused InnovaCare to quickly grow and eventually acquire MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico while still maintaining a good foot hold on its native soil.


InnovaCare with its cquisition of MMM Healthcare almost a decade ago, is currently focusing on improving healthcare in Puerto Rico. The territory has been devastated by Hurricane Maria and about 30% of it is currently without electricity. This also means that healthcare is greatly struggling in Puerto Rico, but after five months things are starting to change. InnovaCare has re-branded abandoned store fronts into clinics in order to serve Puerto Ricans affected by the hurricane while running the territory’s largest Medicare Advantage health plans. One of their makeshift clinics, Recargate, has seen over 20000 patients in a three month period as multiple Puerto Rican doctors have either left for the states or abandoned the trade. Recargate has been focused on providing disease prevention and prescription drug management for the underdeveloped territory.


Before the opening of Recargate and other “re-branded” clinics, a CEO of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides met with President Trump to get funding for this operation and expand healthcare programs in Puerto Rico. Kokkinides mentioned how CMS (The healthcare program in Puerto Rico) has received cuts roughly estimating to $1 billion since 2011 and that states in the US have received significantly less cuts. She also talked about the economic ramifications of the cut funding, stating that if the Medicaid system collapsed in Puerto Rico, many would abandon the island for US, which would not only increase healthcare costs by three or four times for residents of Puerto Rico, but also citizens of the United States.


She also touched on the crucial role of woman in healthcare and how InnovaCare has been working with government programs in Puerto Rico to provide care to 560000 patients. Kokkinides’s impact to the meeting with the president was amazing, and CMS ended up receiving great adjustments that led to the new programs InnovaCare and the government have developed today.


The Top Business Investor In The Hotel Sector In The United Kingdom- Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is an award-winning business investor whose main area of focus is in the hotel industry. The highlight of his careers in the hotel industries was when he was named as the hotelier of the year and honored with the 2016 Asian Business Awards. Mr. Shiraz Boghani owns and manages more than 20 top notch hotels that are based in the United Kingdom. Shiraz Boghani who is a chartered accountant by profession was one of the few entrepreneurs in the hotelier industries that started the limited service brand hotels in the 1990s. As one of the best hotel brands in the United Kingdom, the limited service hotels that he heads are known as the Splendid Hospitality Group Hotels.

About Shiraz Boghani and His Brand of Hotels

Shiraz Boghani was born and brought up in Kenya but moved in 1969 to the United Kingdom for his higher education at the Aga Khan University in the area of accounting. After completing his studies, he secured a job at the present day KPMG as an accountant which was known as the Thomson McLintock & Co then. Nonetheless, Shiraz Boghani was more interested in entrepreneurship in the hotel industry which led him to start the business in the early 90s. Currently, Shiraz Boghani has more than 30 years of experience in the hotel industry where he heads the most prestigious hotel brands in the United Kingdom.

Further, Shiraz Boghani is also the founding partner of the Sojourn Hotels LLP besides being the group director of the Splendid Hotels. He has been in the forefront of overseeing the asset deals of the Sojourn Hotels and has exceptional leadership that has seen the hotel industry successful in its business. Furthermore, Shiraz Boghani is a philanthropic leader who is involved in supporting charitable organizations. Two such registered entities that he supports include the Aga Khan Development and the United Kingdom’s Aga Khan Foundation. What’s more, apart from passionately pursuing his entrepreneurship in the hotelier industry, Mr. Shiraz Boghani also heads Sussex Health Care Center

About Shiraz Boghani’s Involvement at the Sussex HealthCare Center

Mr. Shiraz Boghani serves at the Sussex health facility as one of the two founders and joint chairman. The home care which was started in 1985 is an award-winning health facility that provides care to the elderly and people with various mental illnesses such as dementia and learning disabilities among others. The patients from the facility undergo healing therapies that help them in improving their lives whereby they engage in mental and physical exercises including cooking, art, and gardening. Mr. Shiraz Boghani is involved in all aspects of the Sussex facility and directs his leadership by influencing the staff to give the best care to the patients.

How Talkspace Can Help Your Mental Health Issues

Whether you have depression or some other type of problem, you need to know that this is something that is going to be a problem for you and it can be difficult to overcome on your own. This is why you need to make use of Talkspace and see that it is something that is going to help you out and get you exactly what it is that you need. Now is a good time for you to make use of Talkspace and see if this is something that is right for you.

There are a whole lot of people making use of Talkspace and seeing that this is something that is ideal for your every need. Once you have made use of this for yourself, you need to know that it is going to help you out and get you exactly what it is that you require. Now is a good time for you to make use of Talkspace and see why so many people have put their trust into the app for all that it is able to do for them right here and now.

The most important thing for you to make use of right now is the Talkspace app because of all that it is able to do for you. Now is a good time for you to make use of this and see that it is something that is going to be a whole lot better for you in a lot of different ways. There are a whole lot of people right now who are making use of this as an option for themselves and have found that this is going to help you out. This is a good way for you to make use of Talkspace and see that it is going to help.

Madison Street Capital Continues To Have Praise Heaped Upon It For Its Work To Help Build Other Companies Up

Madison Street Capital has worked hard to build up a solid reputation as a company that caters to the middle market and their investment banking needs. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois but works in the international market and has a long history of matching up sellers with the right buyers. Madison Street Capital specializes in acquisitions and mergers, governance in corporate settings, services for those who are filing bankruptcy, and tax compliance and has offices in locations all over the world including India, Ghana, and the United States. The leadership of the company has many years of experience in the financial market and knows how to build the kind of deep relationships that are crucial to the success of the business.


Recently, Madison Street Capital was the only financial advisor for DCG Software Value during its Spitfire Group merger. DCG is based in Pennsylvania and leads its industry with its support for projects and estimation for software abilities. The company was created in 1994 and works with many different business. It is expected that the joining of DCG Software Value and the Spitfire Group should aid both companies with their advancement, and Madison Street Capital received large amounts of praise for helping out with the merger. Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, as well as Jay Rodgers, its Managing Director, were pointed out as being extremely helpful and the CEO of DCG Software remarked that the work that Madison Street did was crucial to the success of the merger.


Madison Street Capital also received a spread of awards and honors at the M&A Advisor Awards where it was recognized in its role for helping the Dowco Group to acquire Acuna and Associates. The company was also nominated as a top boutique investment banking middle market company as well as recognized for its dealmaking capabilities and professional services. The company’s work with ARES Security Corporation was greatly appreciated by Ben Eazzetta, President of the company, and its part in advising WLR Automotive Group on a leaseback transaction and sale helped to raise funding that was reinvested in its future. It is expected that this deal will help to expand the company for years to come, and Madison Street Capital helped to make the deal come together smoothly.


Over the years, Madison Street Capital has built its reputation on the very real work it has done for its clients who come from a wide range of different industries. With a clear understanding that all of the needs of its clients are different, the company has worked since 2005 to ensure its place as a leading middle market investment banking firm that provides financial reports, business valuation services, and corporate advisory services. With executives that understand how to get to the bottom of the true value of a company, Madison Street can help any company from any industry find the right mergers or acquisitions they need to become stronger and more stable.


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Roberto Santiago Provides a Shopping Environment for People That Are Truly Passionate About Fashion

When people look for new clothes, they look for different reasons. For those that are very serious about finding the most adventurous and fun piece of fashion, Roberto Santiago has a lot to offer. Manaira Shopping is the mall that people can visit if they are looking for a way to stand out. Men and women can find something that is going to challenge the norms of fashion in a good way. However, given that women have tons of options, it can actually be harder for them to stand out than it would be for men. Men have to face a lot of barriers in fashion.


One barrier that men have to face even besides the shaming when it comes to trying something new is actually looking for something new to try. Often times, men have to settle for a lot less when it comes to fashion. It is not always noticeable, but when some people notice it, it is very noticeable. Among the people who tend to notice the options that women have compared to men are men who take an interest in fashion, especially those who are looking for ways to stand out without looking too crazy.


Fortunately, larger malls like Manaira Shopping is going to have one store that has some very unique items. As a matter of fact, there are some designer brands that have their own store at Manaira Shopping. This gives people the chance to look into something that they haven’t seen before. Once they find something that is more to their liking, they can give it a try. They will be surprised as to how well received they can be when they try these items. Men will slowly learn with experimentation that they don’t have to be stuck on rigid rules and look like an exact clone of the next person in order to be considered masculine in their fashion.


Manaira Shopping is definitely one of these establishments that were created to change the world. It is one of the areas that change the perception of malls and fashion as a whole so that people can feel a little more included.


Jed McCaleb Founds Stellar to Bank the Unbanked

According to the World Bank, around 2.5 billion people in the world have no access to regular banking services because they are not cost-effective customers due to their poverty or their rural locations. Most of them live in developing countries.


Jed McCaleb founded Mt. Gox, the first exchange for Bitcoin. While he was operating Mt. Gox, he realized the world needed not just the blockchain currency Bitcoin, but for entire financial institutions to run on the blockchain’s technology. By using blockchain to join financial institutions together, this reduces the cost to provide banking services to impoverished and isolated people, allowing them access to institutional money storage such as checking accounts and also the inexpensive and fast transfer of funds. Bitcoin uses its blockchain to serve as a currency. It can be kept, used to pay for products or easily given away without the requirement for an intervening third party such as a bank or credit card gateway to facilitate the transaction. In a similar way, Stellar connects entire financial institutions.


Therefore, Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim co-founded the Stellar Development Foundation in 2014. McCaleb still serves Stellar as its Chief Technology Officer, leading the increasing development of Stellar as a universal financial network enabling the increased inclusion of economically marginalized peoples in developing countries. That keeps him busy. He codes and leads his team in setting up and improving the technical aspects of Stellar. And he runs the business, answering emails and making operational decisions.


Thanks to his experience with Bitcoin, Jed McCaleb has spent many hours thinking about the flaws of the current financial system, and how it can be improved using digital technologies. Stellar Development also works with, a nonprofit organization which uses technology to enhance digital financial literacy, and contributes toward the development open source software that works toward this goal.


Prior to starting Mt. Gox for Bitcoin, Jed McCaleb worked for MetaMachine, where he started eDonkey2000, a file-sharing P2P network. eDonkey introduced the hashtag, 1-to-many sharing of data and multi-source downloads. It was the first DHT large-scale implementation. He also programmed the game The Far Wilds.

AvaTrade Is A Secure And Reliable Trading Alternative

Based out of Dubland, Ireland, AvaTrade was founded as AvaFX in 2006 and has grown into a billion dollar trading platform over the past ten years. The service allows investors to trade in Bitcoin, equities, commodities, EFTs (Exchange Traded Funds), and bonds. AvaTrade has over 200,000 account holders worldwide, processing over 2 milion transactions each month. Those transactions typically represent over $60 billion in value.

This strength in financial backing enables AvaTrade to place a greater focus on its customers, providing a high level of quality service. Along with that commitment to quality, AvaTrade strives to create a secure trading experience. This is especially important at a time when there are so many scams flourishing on the internet, which seek to target beginning investors.

Those concerns don’t apply with AvaTrade. In addition to attracting a large pool of investors, the company complies with strict regulations and maintains the authority to operate through adherence to established laws. AvaTrade is licensed to operate throughout the European Union, the British Virgin Islands, Japan, South Africa, and Australia.

Since its inception in 2006, AvaTrade has earned a number of awards. Some of their most prominent awards are:


  • Best Customer Support


  • Best Alert System


  • Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider


  • Best Forex Broker 2016


Because AvaTrade prides itself on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, they ensure their customers have convenient access to their accounts. This means providing web access from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with the experience tailored to each one of those devices. Additionally, their trading platforms are fully automated with client accounts individually segregated to ensure the highest level of security. If there is a problem, AvaTrade assures it will be handled expediently through their 24/7 helpline. The helpline offers multilingual trained support, so customers will never have to worry about a language barrier interfering with the resolution of their problem.

After 11 years in business, AvaTrade feels confident in its ability to provide a secure and easy to use trading experience. The company hopes to continue attracting new customers, so providing friendly and knowledgeable support is of the utmost importance. In the world of forex trading, AvaTrade strives to be the most reliable choice.

The Oxford Club and Their Market Beating Strategies

The Oxford Club has become the gold standard for investment research and their ability to analyze and highlight the most lucrative market opportunities provides a tremendous value to all of their members across the globe. They offer various products and services that are specifically designed to maximize returns while minimizing risk. They help their members build lasting wealth which can greatly enhance one’s quality of life even to the next generation.

The Oxford Communique is their flagship newsletter and it is based on the talents of Alexander Green who is a best-selling author on the New York Times list. He is also the Chief Investment Strategist for The Oxford Club and an expert market analyst. He offers timely insights on market conditions, trading ideas, and investing. It also features Beyond Wealth which offers advice on the issues of life including politics, philosophy and healthy living. This particular newsletter has been highly rated and placed among the nation’s best several times now.

Trading services are another avenue that The Oxford Club utilizes to enhance the market returns of their members. These are researched meticulously and provide the best opportunities in the marketplace among all investment vehicles. An example of this type of service is Automatic Trading Millionaire which takes advantage of the substantial and unique opportunities in the options markets. The professional behind this endeavor is Options Strategist Karim Rahemtulla who understands the power and flexibility of options to provide an income stream and obtain stocks at a discount.

There are different levels of membership within The Oxford Club and one, in particular, can be put in the spotlight at this time. The Chairman’s Circle Membership is the most versatile as it provides access to all of the Club’s publications. A one-time fee provides a lifetime membership and many privileges which can accelerate one’s financial success in the markets.

The Oxford Club spans 131 countries and has over 157,000 members and is truly a global concern. It was founded on the premise that savvy market and finance professionals are able to unearth the most lucrative opportunities according to their insider’s knowledge. Networking and idea sharing is a staple function to this day among members.

Dr. Saad : Pediatric Surgeon with a passion.

Saad is a native of Palestine. He was a member of a family of eight scholars who have all soared in their various fields. He attended Cairo University in Egypt where he attained his MD. He graduated second best in his class with honors. He did his medical internship in the United Kingdom then later on migrated to the United States over four decades ago. He married and sired four children who are currently also accomplished scholars in their own right.

Throughout his career, Dr. Saad Saad has had a lot of success. Other than developing new and innovative pediatric surgical procedures, he owns the patent rights to two of his inventions. In a career that spans over four decades, Dr. Saad has performed complex surgical procedures on children. He also has numerous medical missions to Jerusalem under his enormous belt. Before he retired, he was the Co-Medical director and the head surgeon at K Hovnanian Children Hospital which is at Hackensack Meridian Health Care center.

Dr. Saad initially realized that he had a passion for medicine in 1965when he was in high school in Kuwait. At first, he was inclined towards following in his two elder brothers’ footsteps. At the time they were engineers working in construction. The hot summers in Kuwait were enough to persuade him to follow a career that would have him working indoors, and most especially in an air-conditioned room. Dr. Saad’s mentor and the trainee was Dr. H Biemann Othersen. He is considered one of the most excellent surgeons to have ever worked pediatric care in the United States. Dr. Saad says that one of the greatest lessons he got from his mentor was to have compassion and to treat every child equally regardless of race, gender, religion or financial background.

Dr. Saad is a pioneer in the medical sector. He commends the impact of genetics towards transforming how diseases are dealt with. He says that genetics has enabled doctors to understand, prevent and probably come up with a cure for cancer and other chronic ailments. Dr. Saad currently lives in Eatontown, New Jersey. He has other offices located in Forked River, NJ. He specializes entirely in general surgery and pediatric surgery. His endeavors have earned him two awards plus a four out of five-star rating from his patients. Dr. Saad is affiliated with several hospitals in the U.S and numerous learning institutions. Dr. Saad has some publications and presentations under his belt. He a firm believer that organization in one’s work leads to maximum productivity. He also believes that every human being was created equal, and if one works hard enough, he can accomplish his or her dreams. Learn more:

Dick and Betsy DeVos changing institutions

When Dick DeVos was the CEO of his family’s Amway Corp company, a plan was proposed for the construction of the Grand Rapids multi-purpose sports and convention arena in the north of downtown. When Dick got wind of this, he decided to make calls to lobby against the proposed construction of the complex.


Dick feared that the area would be a repeat of what had happened in Detroit, after the construction of the Palace of Auburn and the Pontiac Silverdome that happened in the 1970s when the Pistons and Lions left the city.


Dick DeVos campaigned against the construction of the facility outside of the central business district to the point that he formed a Grand Action group. The Grand Action Group constituted of business leaders who spearheaded the construction of a couple of facilities which include the Michigan State University Medical School, the Grand Rapids City Market, the DeVos Performance Hall, the DeVos Place Convention Center, and the Van Andel Arena.


The efforts that Dick DeVos placed on this issue is not strange because Dick together with his wife have spent most of their lives trying to change policies and institutions. For instance, Dick was concerned about changing the fortunes of the Grand Rapid’s airport and he decided to have a meeting with the CEO with the idea of running nonstop flights outside the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


Later on, nonstop flights to Baltimore and Orlando were conducted and even extended to Michigan. After seeing profits coming in, there were direct flights to St. Louis, Denver Orlando, and Baltimore. Shortly after the increase in direct flights, Grand Rapids airport decided to implement upgrades that cost $45 million which involved the streamlining of the security check-in, construction of restaurants, business centers, and new restrooms.


Dick DeVos had a great vision for Ford’s airport, and his support for the aviation industry was evident when he was recognized and named as a member of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council.) His role would be to advise the senior management on spending, policy, regulatory issues and long-term planning.


Although Dick had his successes, Betsy DeVos also had her own impact on various fronts, and together, they created great impact on different levels. For instance, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation gave away $138.7 million to scholarships for private schools, education reform policies, churches, health and human services, arts and culture, and leadership programs.


The couple also donated $12.5 million in Grand Rapids to the construction of the $103 million Spectrum Health System at the children’s hospital. This system allowed families to be at ease because children could receive care from home instead of rushing through traffic to get to the hospital.


Apart from helping the growth of the Grand Rapid’s airport, Dick also founded an aviation charter high school. This was a good initiative because education reform has been a big initiative for the DeVos family.


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