Month: September 2018

The Life And Achievements Of Juan Perez

The Life and Achievements of Juan Perez

Birds of the same feathers float together. The famous quote seems to have worked perfectly between OG Juan and Jay Z the famous hip-hop artist who also happens to one of the best entrepreneurs in New York City. Perez and Jay Z met 21 years through Kareem who is the founder of Roc-A-Fella. Ever since the two were introduced to each other they have grown to be the best friends. Their bond has been strengthened by their coincidental similarity in the things they like and also ambitions. While Jay Z is well known for his passion for music and support to the artists in New City, Perez is also very popular for his undying support for sports in New York City.

Juan’s early years and his Passion for Sports

The 50-year-old was born in Harlem where he grew up and studied in Brandeis High School. He has been able to make numerous accomplishments and contributions to sports ever since they met with his hip-hop friend Jay Z. They have always shared ideas on how they can bring a change to the music industry and the sports sector. Perez is known to have helped Jay Z a lot in his music career especially during his fresh days in the industry. However, they have always shared common ideas of launching numerous sports clubs in New York City. Their friendship was heightened to another level when Jay z organized for Perez a birthday party that is said to have been worth 113 thousand dollars. The party will be remembered for a long time as it was attended, several top American artists. Perez and Jay Z have contributed a lot in the New York City sports especially through attracting millions who come to watch NYC sports and also listen to their favorite artists.

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Rocket Education and its Victories

Rocket Education now known as Rocket Public Schools is a school charter network that works at a no-profit basis was formed in the year 2006 by two icons, Preston Smith, and John Danner. Its headquarters are in Redwood California. The first school was opened in the San Jose in the year 2007 in California. It grew a good reputation as an option for low income students after students attained high marks as those as Palo Alto School District Students at its flagship. Out of this reason, Rocket Education expanded immensely and gave birth to six other additional charter schools in the same area of San Jose. In January 203, after structuring the leadership again, Smith was named the company’s Chief Executive Officer after Danner left.

The first school to be opened out of California was the same year Danner left. It was on the August of 2013 when the primary school was opened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The expansion could not be stopped due to the good performance, and in 2014, a network at Nashville, Tennessee was started, and in the recent one in the year 2016, a fourth region was opened in Washington D.C where with a partnership with the Apple Tree Institute K-5 schools offered preschool. Funding was received by several individuals including Andres Agassi a former tennis pro, Reed Hastings the Netflix CEO donated two million US dollars, the Obama administration giving out the same amount for investment in the growth of the Rocketship.

The mode of learning that Rocketship applies by using normal class lessons and small-group teachings as well as personalised online learning. They have been working to ensure students that come from low income earning families are educated so as to create a bridge of achievement across America. They have been partnering with Team America that sees college graduates are placed in teaching jobs. From a statistics report, it indicates that out of the students enrolled 86 percent are from financially unstable backgrounds, and seventy percent are studying English as their second language. Rocketship has launched several empowerment programs the latest being the QueenHype, that was launched in 2017 aimed at empowering girls.