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U.S. Money Reserve Graces Loner Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C.

U.S. Reserve attended the 2018 Lone Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, DC. The event was hosted by the United States Navy Memorial Foundation, America’s Gold Authority’s recognized partner. The dinner is organized annually to honor the service men and women of the past, present, future and Sea Services.

The members of the team of the U.S. Reserve who graced the event include Hosea Perkins, senior director of sales; Christol Farris, vice president of media; Jennifer Olivier, director of operations; Jim Warren, vice president of marketing and communication.

In a statement, Christol Farris said that they valued the partnership with the U.S. Navy Memorial and they were grateful to the foundation for the opportunity to appreciate the service men and women of the U.S. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The launch of the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor coin series back in 2016 marked the beginning of the flourishing partnership between the U.S. Money Reserve and the U.S. Navy Memorial. A portion of the proceeds from the coin series is given to the U.S. Navy Memorial which was largely used to finance a Lone Sailor Statue.

According to Jennifer Olivier, the statue is an embodiment of honor, devotion and respect. She continued to say that she was honored to work with the foundation and customers to cherish the memory of the country’s veterans. They will continue supporting the valuable course.

In a statement, Jim Warren said that they were privileged to donate and support the foundation’s efforts. He added that they acknowledge and cherish their loyal customers’ dedication and patriotism to make the partnership successful. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Team Attends the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation’s Lone Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C.

The Lone Sailor Awards Dinner is Washington’s one of the distinguished events that is held to recognize, honor as well as celebrate servicemen and women who receives awards. In the event, Washington dignitaries, Board of Directors of the Navy Memorial, Senior Navy leadership and key influencers come together each year to celebrate the recipients of the prestigious awards.

Hosea Perkins is one of the Army veterans and he said that they were humbled and proud to attend the event. He is also proud of the efforts of the two organizations to honor the country’s veterans.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Reserve is a leading distributor of precious metals’ products in the United States. Since its founding in 2001, the private distributor has exhibited exemplary performance in offering Americans options to diversify their assets. Currently, it has hundreds of thousands of clients who rely on them to diversify their assets.

It comprises of a pool of professionals including research as swell as numismatic experts who are working around the clock to come up with products for precious metal clients across the United States. It goes beyond and above to provide the best customer experience and satisfaction.


Infinity Group Australia is a company that was founded in May 2012 by Graeme Holm with its headquarters at Asia-Pacific in Australasia. It was formed to help the people of Australia reduce their debts, create and reduce their wealth, and also secure their future. Infinity Group Australia has won several awards such as being the most innovative company award. It was ranked the 58th most innovative company in Australia.

Graeme Holm the founder and director of Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd

Graeme who is the Co-founder and director of the Infinity Group Australia is an authorized credit representative with an experience of more than 15 years. When he learned that most families in Australia received poor services from financial institutions, he was inspired to start his own company which is the Infinity Group Australia and that is where he aimed to rebuild and change the financial lives of the people living in Australia.



He is an expert in the following areas; Mortgage broking, Debt consolidation and reduction expert, property investment and also financial planning. He has also worked as a director and proprietor of the F45, Port Macquarie in New South Wales Australia as from 2015 to 2017.



Services provided at Infinity Group Australia


There are various services that the company offers to its citizens in Australia which include;


Debt reduction


The company is specialized in helping individuals in reviewing their debts and analyze the data. They will help you to get one loan from them so that you can pay the other many credits you have and help you to improve financially.


Before one is assisted, a financial health test is carried out to determine whether you are eligible to reduce your debt. One provides his personal information like name, bank details, combined income, marital status, desired retirement income, and many more personal information so as the financial test can be carried.



Wealth Creation


Infinity Group Australia Reviews will help you on how to protect your assets and yield much income from it. They help you to understand the creation of wealth and the strategies that are needed for the establishment. Trained wealth strategists also help to create an investment plan for each person.



Retirement Solutions


Do you want to plan and save for your future? The Infinity Group Australia helps you to prepare for your retirement, and inform you about the goals of your current age, income, and asset. Learn more:

How The Strategies Of The Geologist and Financial Adviser Matt Badiali Is Helping Investors Become Successful In The Natural Resource Market

A Geologist and a financial advisor Matt Badiali is the editor and author of Real Wealth Strategist published by Banyan Hills. He joined the Banyan Hills Publications in 2017 with the intention of providing valuable financial advice to mid-level investors which have worked out exceptionally well for the clients as they have consistently received double-digit gains over the years. Since his childhood, Matt was a studious person who developed an inclination towards natural sciences. Soon, he graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in Sciences. Later, he sought for a deeper understanding of the natural resources in our planet and completed his masters in Geology from the Atlantic University in Florida. Matt Badiali did not stop there, as he applied for Ph.D.

While he was doing his Ph.D., he was surrounded by people who had a knack for the financial sector. One of them realized the potential Matt held with his in-depth understanding of natural resources. When Matt was approached by his friend with the suggestion of using his talent in the energy sector of the country, he understood how he could benefit people with his knowledge. With Matt Badiali’s expertise and the crucial decision he took years back that changed the course of his career, made him a renowned financial advisor in the natural resources sector.

According to him, the natural resources market can be anticipated to an extent. With his understanding of the market, he is able to devise unique strategies that have been beneficial for the investors. Matt Badiali believes that the choice of the global source of energy will take a sudden change, when a power cell is developed that can power a city. Natural resources are limited in nature and their depletion will lead to the research of alternative power sources. Scientists and researchers are already involved in process of developing a powerful cell. He is sure that the paradigm shift will take place soon and it will solve some major problems faced by humanity and the other species we co-exist with, starting from a massive drop in pollution.

Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta Shares His Vision For How To Run A Company


Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta says that just about everyone wishes that investing could be a thing where you hand the money over to a financial advisor and they can quickly earn you big returns. It’s not that easy, though, especially in his line of work of operating a buyout firm. Companies like his invest large sums of money in companies that haven’t been doing well financially. The goal is to enhance their business strategies and return them to a profitable stature.


Vinod Gupta owns Everest Group which is a Nebraska-based investment firm. He says that his goal isn’t just to be successful himself but to use that success to help others. He says that he doesn’t invest just for the gains but to also create the best long-term positive impacts with his money.


His first company was started with just $100. Vinod Gupta turned that small initial investment into a firm worth $680 million. Vinod used this success to give opportunities to others by financing educational causes as well as business opportunities. Vinod says that success includes giving back to the broader community and creating opportunities for others.


Vinod Gupta says that he invests in companies for the common good. People today want to know where their food comes from, for example, and what the additives are in it. They also want to know that a company treats its employees fairly and how socially responsible they are. Vinod Gupta says that this awareness has created a need for companies to make sure their business practices seriously and to take on a more communal form of doing business. He says that those companies that are just in for the money are increasingly losing customers and money to other more beneficial firms, like the ones he invests in. See This Page for additional information.


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