Month: January 2019

Love your Follicles

Ladies your hair is your crown. It is important to take the proper precautions to nourish your luscious mane. For starters, everyone’s hair is different. From the straightest of hair to the kinkiest coils, knowing you’re hair type is essential to keeping your hair healthy.

For those who have straighter hair keeping the scalp clean is key and on the other hand curlier hair needs more moisture, so conditioning is the main element to healthy hair. Products that market to every hair type for the ladies who want to keep it simple is the ticket!
Wen is just the product. Chaz Dean has formulated this hair care line to nourish the hair strands without too much work. It’s all natural formulation is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the product. Chaz has ensured that his products will take care of everyone’s hair needs.
Wen is a five star rated hair care line that is loved by the masses. It is a unique in that unlike most hair care lines that contain shampoos with loads of sulfates, WEN has cleansing conditioners that cleanse the hair and the scalp without stripping the hair of the moisture that it needs. This means luscious, healthy hair full of luster and volume.
You can cater to you hair with products and show your follicles the TLC it desires. You cannot go wrong when it comes to all natural products that work to provide the best results. Read more to learn about the 7 Best Wen Products — and the 2 Worst!

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Sameer Jejurikar: The Alpha Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery in the US is big business whether it’s being used to correct a physical imbalance, or it’s being used for vanity purposes. Dallas, Texas, is home to Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and this institute specializes in medical aesthetics. On the other hand, Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is home to one of the city’s mots sought-after doctors. Sameer Jejurikar has conquered the field thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. In addition to that, this man possesses all of the needed qualities to become a success in this exclusive field.

This board-certified plastic surgeon has been conducting business for over two decades. Jejurikar attained his medical degree from one of America’s top medical schools. Of course, this medical school just so happens to be the University of Michigan Medical School. During his college tenure, Jejurikar was selected by the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. After interning for eight years in Michigan hospitals, he would go on to attend New York’s Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. “I always wanted to become a surgeon at an early age,” said Jejurikar. As of 2019, this phenomenal plastic surgeon has won the Most Compassionate Doctor Award as well as won other industry-related awards. Pine Creek Medical Center, Dallas Medical Center and Baylor University Medical Center are some of the other hospitals that he has worked with.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar also has his own skincare line of cosmetics. These anti-aging products are top of the line, and they can be used by all ethnicities. In addition to the skincare line, Jejurikar travels to national and international meetings to bring awareness for better safety protocols in plastic surgery. Is there anything that this man can’t do? Jejurikar is the epitome of a modern-day plastic surgeon, but who knows what the future has instore for this amazing medical professional.

Why The Rom-Com ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ Actually Matters

There are more than enough reasons as to why the up and coming star-studded rom-com, isn’t it romantic, is highly anticipated.

For starters, the cast, both on-screen and off-screen, is flat-out incredible. That aside, the movie itself took a very long time to make, which can only mean it will be nothing short of a masterpiece. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Thirdly, Rebel Wilson is in it. In my opinion (and I have a course to believe that I am speaking for millions here), there is absolutely not a single role that the Aussie Born-American transplant ‘funny bone’ hasn’t killed and buried. And something tells us that this one isn’t going to be the first one.

The Rom-Com Has an ‘Out of The Box’ Plot

Apart from the exciting fact that Rebel Wilson was going to have the lead role for this movie, another interesting aspect about it all is the storyline. Apart from being out of this box, the plot somehow manages to capture normal romantic vibes in the most unusual, or supernatural if you may, manner. The rom-com is all about an Aussie girl who is a successful architect in New York who, after enduring an accident, wakes up in a pg-13 world. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

In this fantasy world, Natalie (played by Rebel Wilson) has to overcome certain beliefs about love and fall in love in order for her to successfully break the spell. And being a true Aussie girl with a lot of raw talent to back it up, one can only expect our beautiful Rebel Wilson to light this role up like a Christmas tree.

The Cast Is Filled with A-Listers

As if the news that Rebel Wilson was going to be the lead wasn’t exciting enough, the producers also had a couple of goodies to throw in. They also released the star-studded cast that was going to be featured in the rom-com and the internet went crazy. And on top of that, it is known that all of these A-listers are not only talented but also happen to be quite ‘easy on the eyes’ if you know what I mean.

Some of these A-listers that threw the internet into a frenzy include Rebel Wilson who plays Natalie, Liam Hemsworth who plays Blake, Tom Ellis who plays Natalie’s doctor, Betty Gilpin who plays Whitney, Adam De Vine who plays Josh, Jenifer Saunders who plays Natalie’s mom, and the undisputed beauty queen Priyanka Chopra who plays Isabela.

The talent wasn’t just included on screen but off screen as well. The scriptwriters include the respected Dana Fox and Erin Cardillo while the bona fide production team was lead by the extremely talented Todd Strauss-Schulson. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching any Todd Strauss-Schulson-directed movie, then you certainly know that you’re in for a treat. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

With such an immense talent on board, it was clear why the movie is already projected to be a success. The highly anticipated rom-com is slated to hit the big screens on February 14th, 2019. Warner Bros. Pictures will release it in the united states of America while Netflix will release it in the United Kingdom.

Flavio Maluf and the Sustainable Operations of Eucatex

At 67, Flavio Maluf and his company, Ecuatex, still place focus on sustainability in its operations. He wants to leave the world a better place than how he found it. Eucatex happens to be among the world’s largest producers of partitions, doors, MDP, MDF panels, varnishes, paints and floors. While his company uses a great deal of wood in its products, its actions have always been to replace what the company uses. Eucalyptus is a major wood material used for production.

Maluf founded his company in 1951. He also made heavy investments in land and reforestation to guarantee there would always be a fresh supply of wood. This helps society and the environment in a major way. One such project with goals of helping sustain the environment is the Environmental Education Program. This program works in tandem with Sao Paulo and its city halls. The program teaches people of Brazil about the importance of protecting the environment. Read more about Flavio at

People are able to visit parks and walk ecological trails to see firsthand the importance of afforestation and recovery planting of the nation’s trees. Flavio Maluf also directs his company to partake heavily in community activities. The project places focus on contributing to the local quality of life.

His company has also developed an Apiculture program that helps develop generational income for families. These families live in regions of the forest where Eucatex conducts operations. Beekeepers also take care of the bees that produce honey. These bees also help flower eucalyptus trees of the forest. Up to 1000 jobs or more result from forestry operations, and this creates a direct stimulation for the local economy.

Flavio Maluf has also created fire protection protocols for his operations. Fire, of course, could be devastating to his operations. Prevention measures include creating firebreaks that help prevent the spread of fires. Maluf has created a company that sustains itself while helping protect the environment.

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