Bruce Levenson Is Building New Bridges At Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson has had his hands quite full in recent days since selling the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks in 2015 reports Forbes and now settling a matter in court with the team’s former insurance company AIG. The matter pertains to the termination of former General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract and the offer by Levenson and the other owners to buy it out. AIG has not offered any payouts and Levenson and the other owners want compensation for bad faith and damages.

Since leaving the NBA franchise, Levenson has been making new connections through the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland. Do Good Institute is where students take their ideas for businesses and technologies and put them to work helping volunteer organization. According to, Levenson got the idea to start this institute in 2011 and it’s helped young people understand the importance of philanthropy and even allows them to choose any charity they wish to donate the money they’re given to. Levenson sees great non-profit leaders coming out and turning struggling charities into groups with strong visionaries.

Bruce Levenson has degrees in journalism from Washington University and a degree in law from American University, and he decided to go into newsletter publishing himself after determining he had the means to do so. He and Ed Peskowitz first published Oil Express in 1977, but they began adding other newsletters as the years went on. Soon they had built a major media information company and also helped start TechTarget in the coming years. Levenson and Peskowitz became owners of the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 after buying them from Turner Media.

In addition to UCG and owning the Hawks, Levenson has been active in Washington D.C. with groups such as “I Have a Dream” Foundation. He also has donated to and helped startup learning programs at the Holocaust Memorial Museum and has a mother-in-law who survived the event. He also worked with the Anti-Defamation League to bring in the Concert Against Hate promoting peace and understanding between ethnic groups.

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