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Oncotarget Research on the Use of e-cigarettes

Oncotarget is the different and traditional journal that has free access. The journal publishes online pieces that are posted on a weekly basis. The issue can be printed in case there is a particular demand from the users. They rapidly give the results of scientific studies and make them available for the people who have an interest in the health sciences. Oncotarget minimizes the boundaries between health specialties and puts solutions recommended by researchers into practice.

Recent research that was carried out at the Rochester Medical Center came up with a suggestion that electronic cigarette damage gums and teeth just the way conventional one do too. Oncotarget came up with the study led by Irfan Rahman the professor of Environmental Medicine at the UR School of Medicine and Dentistry. The study was to show the harmful effects of using the e-cigarettes on a person’s oral health regarding the cellular and molecular effects. Youth are the individuals who love using the e-cigarette, and they might be using it thinking it is very safe a wrong notion.

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The vapors found in the cigarettes are burnt, and they cause effects on the cells of the body. Inflammatory proteins are released that will cause stresses to the cells that will have a broader effect on the organs in the vocal part of the body. Rahman had studies has come up with publications that show the damage caused by the e-cigs vapors and flavors. They affect the lungs and pollute the organs. The frequency of the use will determine the damage extent on the users.

Studies further showed that flavor bond structures lead to the damaging of cells in the mouth. Different characters caused different damage extends to the cells. They have nicotine, something that the youth think is false and it adds up to causing the gum disease.

Battery devices in the e-cigs will burn the chemicals and flavorings bringing aerosol fume to be inhaled. More research needs to be done on the effects of this form of fumes. The professor was funded by National Institutes of Health. He collaborated with Isaac Sundar, Fawad Javed, George Romanos and others. Download output styles at