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Roseann Bennett Brings More Focus Towards Mental Health Awareness Month

People are slowly realizing how important mental health is for everyone. Roseann Bennett is one of the contributing factors to this. Roseann Bennett is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The Center for Assessment and Treatment has helped a number of patients and their families through times of stress and trial. One of the benefits the center does offer is the ability to see patients that day instead of waiting for weeks. This very needed service underscores the need for this type of intervention. Many agencies do offer this type of therapy service, but the cost is sometimes prohibitive.


Bennett has written articles related different Topics of Mental Health. The reason she has written and published articles on mental health is for mental health awareness month. This can be a good opportunity to reach people on the topic of mental health and what it really is. One of the effects that this approach can have is that people may learn more about mental health and what may be needed in the different cases of mental health challenges,


Roseann Bennett sees this as a very good time to be proactive about mental health. She has been helping people for more than 10 years. Therefore, she has a lot of insight on where the efforts of mental health treatment can be improved. Among the topics she has written about is untreated depression. She knows how debilitating and disruptive depression can be. She shares her knowledge on the topic through the articles she has published. She touches on the many factors which influence how depression is treated. One of the factors that are highly important is finances.


Roseann Bennett has looked at the challenges that people with low income face when they are dealing with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. She has noticed that there is very little available in the form of resources for people who are struggling with depressions and other mental health disorders. Roseann does everything she can to change that including offering service to clients who are struggling financially. Roseann has also shared her insights about supporting women in the workforce. She has offered her suggestions on what can solve the issue that the workplace is faced with when it comes to women. Get Additional Information Here.


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