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The Brown Agency Establishes a Talent Hub for Super Models in Texas Central

Rebranded as the Brown Agency, the company that was formerly known as Heyman Talent-South has changed ownership and is now owned by Wilhelmina Austin. At a time when the advertising industry is highly competitive, the merger of the two largest agencies in the region will give the Brown Agency unlimited opportunities to leverage the particular attributes and strengths derived from both entities. It will be among the few model organizations in Texas offering full-time agency services in Austin.

The President and CEO of The Brown Agency said the partnership would enable the team to source only the best talent in the market and prep them for bigger markets. The pride of the company will be to produce dependable and elegant models on a larger scale, and providing fully fledged services will form an integral aspect of the company’s commitment to giving exceptional services to its clients in their overall expansion and growth strategies.

As part of the internationally recognized Family of the Brown Agency, the commercial and modeling talent agency made its debut in Austin in the 2010 spring. It has quickly grown to become an industry leader and market trendsetter in the region with a reputation for establishing high expectations and standards in the market never before seen in Austin. Presently, it is playing the significant role of producing highly skilled models for a broad spectrum of prominent and world famous clientele like Toyota, Dell, L’Orea, and Louis Vuitton. The scope, breadth and the professional accomplishments of the talents the Brown Agency produces are unmatched by any other agency in the entire city of Austin.

Michael B. Bonnee who will be in charge of the company’s theatrical division said that they were thrilled to join the Brown Family, and he expressed the confidence that their combined expertise and talent would create a fascinating opportunity for growth for the new venture. The launch will be formerly celebrated in December. The opening of the new agency has brought a breath of fresh air and hope for thousands of models who will now have the chance to work for big international brands.

On the fashion front, the models represented by The Brown Agency frequently grace the catwalks of major shows such as Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, the month of Fashion in New York, and the great Dallas Fashion Week. The company is training models to operate like pros and places them in locations where they can fight their way into the big time fashion and screen work. The advantage the agency has over other modeling companies is that it ensures the models look right in the photos, and it introduces them to the world’s leading organizations.

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