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U.S. Money Reserve Graces Loner Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C.

U.S. Reserve attended the 2018 Lone Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, DC. The event was hosted by the United States Navy Memorial Foundation, America’s Gold Authority’s recognized partner. The dinner is organized annually to honor the service men and women of the past, present, future and Sea Services.

The members of the team of the U.S. Reserve who graced the event include Hosea Perkins, senior director of sales; Christol Farris, vice president of media; Jennifer Olivier, director of operations; Jim Warren, vice president of marketing and communication.

In a statement, Christol Farris said that they valued the partnership with the U.S. Navy Memorial and they were grateful to the foundation for the opportunity to appreciate the service men and women of the U.S. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The launch of the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor coin series back in 2016 marked the beginning of the flourishing partnership between the U.S. Money Reserve and the U.S. Navy Memorial. A portion of the proceeds from the coin series is given to the U.S. Navy Memorial which was largely used to finance a Lone Sailor Statue.

According to Jennifer Olivier, the statue is an embodiment of honor, devotion and respect. She continued to say that she was honored to work with the foundation and customers to cherish the memory of the country’s veterans. They will continue supporting the valuable course.

In a statement, Jim Warren said that they were privileged to donate and support the foundation’s efforts. He added that they acknowledge and cherish their loyal customers’ dedication and patriotism to make the partnership successful. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Team Attends the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation’s Lone Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C.

The Lone Sailor Awards Dinner is Washington’s one of the distinguished events that is held to recognize, honor as well as celebrate servicemen and women who receives awards. In the event, Washington dignitaries, Board of Directors of the Navy Memorial, Senior Navy leadership and key influencers come together each year to celebrate the recipients of the prestigious awards.

Hosea Perkins is one of the Army veterans and he said that they were humbled and proud to attend the event. He is also proud of the efforts of the two organizations to honor the country’s veterans.

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