Dr. Saad : Pediatric Surgeon with a passion.

Saad is a native of Palestine. He was a member of a family of eight scholars who have all soared in their various fields. He attended Cairo University in Egypt where he attained his MD. He graduated second best in his class with honors. He did his medical internship in the United Kingdom then later on migrated to the United States over four decades ago. He married and sired four children who are currently also accomplished scholars in their own right.

Throughout his career, Dr. Saad Saad has had a lot of success. Other than developing new and innovative pediatric surgical procedures, he owns the patent rights to two of his inventions. In a career that spans over four decades, Dr. Saad has performed complex surgical procedures on children. He also has numerous medical missions to Jerusalem under his enormous belt. Before he retired, he was the Co-Medical director and the head surgeon at K Hovnanian Children Hospital which is at Hackensack Meridian Health Care center.

Dr. Saad initially realized that he had a passion for medicine in 1965when he was in high school in Kuwait. At first, he was inclined towards following in his two elder brothers’ footsteps. At the time they were engineers working in construction. The hot summers in Kuwait were enough to persuade him to follow a career that would have him working indoors, and most especially in an air-conditioned room. Dr. Saad’s mentor and the trainee was Dr. H Biemann Othersen. He is considered one of the most excellent surgeons to have ever worked pediatric care in the United States. Dr. Saad says that one of the greatest lessons he got from his mentor was to have compassion and to treat every child equally regardless of race, gender, religion or financial background.

Dr. Saad is a pioneer in the medical sector. He commends the impact of genetics towards transforming how diseases are dealt with. He says that genetics has enabled doctors to understand, prevent and probably come up with a cure for cancer and other chronic ailments. Dr. Saad currently lives in Eatontown, New Jersey. He has other offices located in Forked River, NJ. He specializes entirely in general surgery and pediatric surgery. His endeavors have earned him two awards plus a four out of five-star rating from his patients. Dr. Saad is affiliated with several hospitals in the U.S and numerous learning institutions. Dr. Saad has some publications and presentations under his belt. He a firm believer that organization in one’s work leads to maximum productivity. He also believes that every human being was created equal, and if one works hard enough, he can accomplish his or her dreams. Learn more: http://blogwebpedia.com/life-lessons-dr-saad-saad-pediatric-surgeon.html#.Wpbw3YJMFTY

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