Love your Follicles

Ladies your hair is your crown. It is important to take the proper precautions to nourish your luscious mane. For starters, everyone’s hair is different. From the straightest of hair to the kinkiest coils, knowing you’re hair type is essential to keeping your hair healthy.

For those who have straighter hair keeping the scalp clean is key and on the other hand curlier hair needs more moisture, so conditioning is the main element to healthy hair. Products that market to every hair type for the ladies who want to keep it simple is the ticket!
Wen is just the product. Chaz Dean has formulated this hair care line to nourish the hair strands without too much work. It’s all natural formulation is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the product. Chaz has ensured that his products will take care of everyone’s hair needs.
Wen is a five star rated hair care line that is loved by the masses. It is a unique in that unlike most hair care lines that contain shampoos with loads of sulfates, WEN has cleansing conditioners that cleanse the hair and the scalp without stripping the hair of the moisture that it needs. This means luscious, healthy hair full of luster and volume.
You can cater to you hair with products and show your follicles the TLC it desires. You cannot go wrong when it comes to all natural products that work to provide the best results. Read more to learn about the 7 Best Wen Products — and the 2 Worst!

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