New Demons On Tap With Norman Pattiz

There’s a new podcast in town these days. And, it’s not a run-of-the-mill show, either. Norman Pattiz announced that his new podcast Beyond the Darkness would explore aliens and monsters, demons, and any number of other ghoulish and strange phenomena. Chris Jericho will do the podcast and produce it, while Norman Pattiz is the executive chairman and found of the Podcast One Network, which is America’s number one, largest podcast network. The Podcast One Network has moved beyond its famed wrestling podcasts, and is moving into something that, according to Chris Jericho, of the Jericho Network, creeps him out. Chris Jericho, you will remember, was a star of the WWE podcasts that the network produced. He expects the program to be a real winner, and will make Podcast One even more competitive in the broadcasting field. Beyond the Darkness is on track to be an amazing show on an amazing network, says Pattiz. They will examine mysterious phenomena, miracles, ghouls — just about anything that maintains an eerie mystique about it, such as Bigfoot, UFO’s, aliens, witches, and other paranormal phenomena.

Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis are bringing a massive base of fans to the network with Beyond the Darkness.

Norman Pattiz is the founder of Radio One, which, while under his leadership, became the number one radio network in the nation. The items distributed by the network under his control are lengthy and well-known: NBC, CBS, CNN, NFL, the Super Bowl, and the Olympic Games. Pattiz is no foreigner to international distribution and networking.

Mr. Pattiz was responsible for the conception and the start of America’s program of broadcasting to 22 Arabic countries in the Middle East.

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  1. Norman Pattiz is the one who can bring success to such a show, and such a network. It is bound to be a creepy show for us, and a winner for Pattiz. The Jericho Network was Jericho’s wrestling contribution to the podcasts. This might be an easy way out for assignment writing service and I like to see that these things happen concurrently in all spheres of life too.

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