NewsWatch TV Reviews by Contour

NewsWatch TV is an original, award winning TV show about technology and technology reviews. The show is operated by Bridge Communications and hosted by Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridges and Michelle Ison. The show has been on the air for nearly 30 years and can be seen on ION Television and AMC Network.


Contour Design is a research and development company that focuses on PC accessories such as mice and keyboards. The company’s main building is located in Windham, New Hampshire and was founded in 1995 by Steve Wang. Since its founding, the company has become one of the most unique innovators in the world of keyboards and mice. Even with such incredible products, if it wasn’t for companies like NewsWatch TV to provide reviews and promotional videos, Contour may not be seeing sales as high as they are.

Customer Reviews of NewsWatch TV Campaigns

Contour enlisted the help of NewWatch TV when it needed additional promotion for its new mouse and keyboard combo, The Ultimate Work Station. The Work Station provides its users with the most comfortable keyboard and roller mouse combo on the market today. The combo comes with an innovative idea called the roller bar. This bar allows the user to scroll left and right, among other things, without ever needing to remove their hands from the keyboard.


Contour reported dramatic increase in sales once the NewWatch TV segment began to circulate. Not only was the segment seen by millions of people on ION and AMC, the video has received nearly 700,000 unique online views. With the success of the collaboration between NewsWatch TV and Contour, you could be seeing unique keyboard and mouse set-ups in homes everywhere very soon.