Wild Ark: Care Now to Save Tomorrow

If you’re planning a vacation in the next several months, you might want to think about the destination a little longer than usual. The truth is that traditional vacation destinations may be doing more harm to the planet than we realize. With gargantuan thirty story hotels and resorts using alarming amounts of power and causing a gigantic carbon footprint, it’s no wonder that nature is becoming something that could someday be a fairy tale.Learn more : https://au.linkedin.com/in/mark-hutchinson-596329121


There is hope, though. Organizations are rising up and taking action to better the world we love. One such organization is Wild Ark. The organization was founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, two conservationists that couldn’t bare to watch the beauty of nature be snuffed out. Together with their team, they work to prevent the destruction of fragile ecosystems.Learn more : http://wildarkonline.com/


Even though traveling in and of itself can be harmful to the planet, there are several options out there to make your vacation not only eco-friendly but also conservation oriented. In fact, there are even luxury resorts with a conservation twist that will leave you well rested and feeling good about your contribution to preserving the world. Here are a few destinations that are sure to wow anyone.Learn more: http://wildark.com/travel/




Now, it may sound a little strange to vacation in a place like Alaska, but considering that it’s home to some of the most beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife you may want to rethink your views about this grand state. Another plus is that while you’re going on unforgettable nature hikes and enjoying the mild temps of an Alaskan summer, you may go an entire day without ever stepping foot in a car. Not that you would want to anyway.


South Africa


This destination takes a more hands-on approach to protecting the environment. You can literally volunteer around every corner and get to experience the beauty of Africa while helping out important causes. You may end up carrying around tools for vets or lugging buckets of water but every task, no matter how menial it may seem. Not to mention all of the amazing wildlife you’ll no doubt get to see up close and personal.


No matter if you vacation in the US or choose to go for a more extravagant retreat, there’s always a way to be conservation aware. Recycling and reducing the amount of waste you produce are great ways to help out the cause even when you’re at home.



Oncotarget Research on the Use of e-cigarettes

Oncotarget is the different and traditional journal that has free access. The journal publishes online pieces that are posted on a weekly basis. The issue can be printed in case there is a particular demand from the users. They rapidly give the results of scientific studies and make them available for the people who have an interest in the health sciences. Oncotarget minimizes the boundaries between health specialties and puts solutions recommended by researchers into practice.

Recent research that was carried out at the Rochester Medical Center came up with a suggestion that electronic cigarette damage gums and teeth just the way conventional one do too. Oncotarget came up with the study led by Irfan Rahman the professor of Environmental Medicine at the UR School of Medicine and Dentistry. The study was to show the harmful effects of using the e-cigarettes on a person’s oral health regarding the cellular and molecular effects. Youth are the individuals who love using the e-cigarette, and they might be using it thinking it is very safe a wrong notion.

Read more: http://www.impactjournals.com/oncotarget/index.php?journal=oncotarget

The vapors found in the cigarettes are burnt, and they cause effects on the cells of the body. Inflammatory proteins are released that will cause stresses to the cells that will have a broader effect on the organs in the vocal part of the body. Rahman had studies has come up with publications that show the damage caused by the e-cigs vapors and flavors. They affect the lungs and pollute the organs. The frequency of the use will determine the damage extent on the users.

Studies further showed that flavor bond structures lead to the damaging of cells in the mouth. Different characters caused different damage extends to the cells. They have nicotine, something that the youth think is false and it adds up to causing the gum disease.

Battery devices in the e-cigs will burn the chemicals and flavorings bringing aerosol fume to be inhaled. More research needs to be done on the effects of this form of fumes. The professor was funded by National Institutes of Health. He collaborated with Isaac Sundar, Fawad Javed, George Romanos and others. Download output styles at Endnote.com

Roberto Santiago’s Role In Transforming Paraiba’s Cityscape

Brazil’s thriving economy had transformed its population from simple rural workers into city dwelling entrepreneurs, and one of them is Roberto Santiago, who found his luck in mall business. Initially, he never considered himself to become a mall tycoon, as his primary career was being a writer. His knowledge about his home country made him a reputable writer, making articles that gained a lot of readership, and soon after the dawn of the internet, he decided to put up his own blog. The pieces of his work were regarded with much respect, and it gave him a number reputation that he never expected in the first place. Aside from his stint as a writer, he had also done some directing works, before focusing on becoming a mall tycoon.

Perhaps, Roberto Santiago’s name is solely attributed to the iconic Manaira Mall, which opened in 1989, and is considered to be the largest shopping mall in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. Roberto Santiago owns this mall, which is also known to be one of Brazil’s largest. The construction of Roberto Santiago’s mall took about two years, and as time went by, the mall has gone into different renovations and expansions. Back in 2014, a major renovation of the building resulted in the opening of its gourmet section, where restaurants are encouraged to be a part of. The first restaurant to open in this part of the mall was Capital Steak House. The mall’s interior has different areas with varying purposes – one large food court, entertainment areas, cinemas, game stations, bowling alley, a park, gyms, banks, and even a college, named the College of Higher Education of Paraiba. On the mall’s roof stands the Domus Hall, a medium sized, air-conditioned concert hall which can seat up to 8,000 people. Fairs, exhibitions, and other types of events can be held here as well.

Read more: http://www.blogdogordinho.com.br/empresario-considerado-o-papa-dos-shoppings-centers-diz-que-jp-nao-tem-mais-espacos-para-esse-tipo-de-empreendimento/

His mall not only became a symbol of economic rise in the state of Paraiba, but it also became an avenue for socialization among its local population. The mall has everything in stall for them, so whenever the locals would need anything, they would just take a quick visit inside the mall to get the thing they need. Brazilians are known to be sociable, and some of the locals in Paraiba would sometimes go inside the mall just to have a quick chat with their friends, or just to cool themselves off and do window shopping. But one thing is for sure – this mall, aside from the usual things that you can find in a typical one – also houses state of the art entertainment through its designated areas, just like the movie theater. Roberto Santiago had not just transform Paraiba’s cityscape, but he also aided the people into experiencing a comfortable life by providing them accessible everyday necessities. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

U.S. Money Reserve’s New Site Helps Visitors Enjoy the Experience

When most people think of visiting a site that deals primarily in precious metals, they normally think that they will be treated to a very technologically advanced site.

That was not the case with the U.S. Money Reserve’s old site. The site was slow, it was hard to navigate and it did not have very many options aside from just learning information and being able to purchase the items that they were looking for. While it did function as a website, it was not providing visitors with the experience that they deserved while visiting one of the most popular precious metal company’s websites.

One thing that the U.S. Money Reserve did do was make the decision to change the site. They decided that they would be able to make their customers happier if they had a great site for them to visit.

This was done not only for the people who were planning on buying gold or other precious metals but was also done for people who were planning on visiting the site so that they could learn as much about the site as they could. When the U.S. Money Reserve launched their new site, they made sure to include a few key features on it. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/blog/

The experience of the website matters to the U.S. Money Reserve. They want people to feel like they are actually at the company and that they are having an in-person experience. For this reason, the U.S. Money Reserve made the decision to offer one-on-one consulting to everyone who visits the site.

People can choose to make an appointment and use that appointment so that they will be able to meet with someone from the site. It has allowed them the chance to truly have the best experience possible while visiting the U.S. Money Reserve’s site.

Redesigning the site was the only logical solution that the U.S. Money Reserve had for their website. They wanted to make sure that their customers would have the best experience possible on the site and this meant that they needed to do what they could to show people what they really did as a company.

The U.S. Money Reserve decided to show people that they could shop, learn more information and even find out what they could add to their collection. The redesign of the site made it possible for the U.S. Money Reserve to give their clients the gold service.

Arthur Becker; A real Estate Executive

Arthur Becker is a serial entrepreneur who is currently based in the United States. The businessman has the knowledge of identifying profitable investments, and this is why he has done so well in his career. Many individuals know him because of his accomplishments in the technology industry. However, in the recent times, Becker has ventured into the real estate industry, and he is now ranked as one of the leading real estate businessmen in the United States.

Not long ago, Arthur Becker managed to secure profitable investments at the well-known Sullivan Street in the US. At the moment, Becker owns three elegant townhouses that are strategically located at the Sullivan Street. The houses are believed to be adjacent to each other, and they have already brought a lot of income to the businessman. When Becker acquired the homes several months ago, they were not complete, and they were not producing any revenue. After completion, one of the townhouses belongs to him and his family.

According to Curbed, these prestigious townhouses are considered to be the first homes to have been acquired by the Madison Equities. Experts say that the businessman got a great deal when he accepted the purchase and developed the townhouses. Apart from being strategically located, the facilities have attracted numerous clients, and their value has increased significantly after their completion by the contraction company.

The businessman has made most of his wealth in the competitive technology. At the moment, he is working as the chairman of a company known as Zinio LCC. The company specializes in the distribution of digital magazines, and it has been doing very well under his leadership. The businessman says that his post at NaviSite as the chief executive officer motivated him to venture into the real estate world. Arthur Becker worked in the institution for eight years. He decided to leave the company in the year 2010 to look for greener pastures. The businessman has been doing well in the real estate world, and he has accumulated a lot of wealth. At the moment, he is considered to be one of the wealthiest businessmen in New York City.

Check out his website arthurbeckerstudio.com


George Soros Continues To Bring Democracy To The People Of The World

The rise of George Soros as a political donor has been fast in 2016 after the man who is often seen as the leading Democrat donor has returned to the political fore with a rising level of support for liberal causes for the first time in over a decade. Many conservative commentators have used the name of George Soros as a sign of the growing number of wealthy donors who are looking to have a major influence on the democratic process in the U.S. and beyond; however, George Soros has not been a major part of the U.S. political landscape since the 2004 Presidential election when he provided around $27 million in support for the campaign of Democrat John Kerry, according to Politico. Soros has chosen to focus more on the work he has completed with his own Open Society Foundations that have been working to make sure democracy is understood at all levels of society across the world.

Read more: http://www.investopedia.com/university/greatest/georgesoros.asp

In the 21st century, George Soros has been a major force for the people of the world who are living under the rule of totalitarian leaders across the world. For George Soros the protections afforded the people of the U.S. by the Constitution of the country are not protected by God, as many believe, but should instead be fought for on a regular basis; George Soros has dedicated much of the work of his Open Society Foundations on the U.S. in the 21st century as he has fought to make sure all human rights of minority groups are protected over the course of recent years. The major role played by George Soros in politics in the 21st century has been to back groups making sure the voting rights of Hispanic and African American groups are protected at a time when Republican lawmakers are looking to erode many of these rights. Learn more on discoverthenetworks.org about George Soros.

The decision to back the campaign of former Democratic Secretary of State was not one taken lightly by George Soros who had spoken out following the 2004 Presidential election to explain the use of his personal fortune, which Forbes estimates at $25 billion, was a unique moment in politics; Soros stepped back into the world of campaign finance in 2016 as he felt the battle to halt the rise of far right groups with a growing influence on the Republican party and mainstream politics around the world. In providing around $25 million in support for the campaign of Hillary Clinton, George Soros stated he was attempting to develop a new way of making sure all sides of the political spectrum were given a voice in the U.S. during one of the most divisive times in politics across the world. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

All You Need To Know About Tony Petrello, The CEO Of Nabors Industries Ltd

Tony Petrello has been the esteemed CEO and president of the Nabors Industries Ltd since October 2011. In 1991, Tony joined the Executive Committee of the Nabors Board of Directors. He has been the chair of the Board since 2012. Tony is involved in strategic planning and supervision, which contributes towards the success of the company as well as adapting to the dynamic competitive environment.

Career Experiences
Tony Petrello worked at Baker McKenzie, a renowned law firm, before joining Nabors Industries Ltd. While there, he focused on taxation, international arbitration, and general corporate law. Tony worked at the law firm’s New York office as a managing partner. Tony Petrello is an academic scholar. He went to study at Harvard Law School where he earned a J.D. degree. Tony also attended Yale University where he pursued his degree and master’s degree program in Mathematics.

Other Involvements of Tony Petrello
Tony Petrello is the director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. Tony participates in advocacy concerning research and clinical programs that address the needs of children who have neurological conditions. For instance, he is a member of the Board of Trustees at the well-known Texas Children’s Hospital.

Nabors Industries Ltd.
Nabors is a leading provider for innovative drilling rigs to transform its global industry. The company also provides software and equipment, drilling services, and directional drilling in many oil and gas markets worldwide. It also manufactures or sells leading drives and rig equipment. Nabors delivers outstanding levels of safety to customers and sets operational performance records globally.

Find more about Tony Petrello on TheDailyBeast.com

The Acumen of Hussain Sajwani

When people think of the United Arab Emirates, they think of paradise. Moreover, they think of a vast land in the Middle East with an insurmountable amount of wealth. In fact, their assumptions remain accurate. Due to its wealth of resources, the United Arab Emirates remains a hotbed for successful businessmen.

With that being said, Hussain Sajwani remains one of these men. In fact, Hussain Sajwani remains a businessman with connections from all around the world. Furthermore, one of his most noteworthy connections includes Donald Trump.

With their friendship going back numerous years, Donald Trump and the Sajwani continue to engage in business. Recently, the Hussain Sajwani family hoped to strengthen their business endeavors with Donald Trump. In particular, they want to strengthen their relationship with the Trump Organization. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/hussain-sajwani#/entity

This remains noteworthy due to the fact that both men remain financially endowed. In fact, Donald Trump and the Damac owner shared New Year’s Eve together. Prior to the event, the “dynamic duo” partnered with the Trump International Gold Club. Due to their efforts, the villas amassed nearly $2 billion dollars in sales.

Despite criticism regarding their interests, their families remain relatively close. On numerous occasions, Hussain Sajwani has linked up with Donald Trump’s children. Although Donald Trump’s business endeavors remain restricted as president, his children have maintained his business relationships.

Therefore, Sajwani’s relationship remains intact. In fact, Sajwani’s wife and Ivanka remain on good terms. Aside from emailing each other, both women visit each other at their respective homes.

Moreover, they have lunch and dinner regularly with each other. Even during Ivanka Trump’s pregnancy, she upheld Donald Trump’s businesses.

While in New York, Sajwani and Ivanka held a phone conversation only days after she gave birth. Prior to the presidential election, he met with Donald Trump at his Washington hotel. The day remained symbolic due to it being the hotel’s opening day.

While there, he held a lengthy conversation with Trump. Moreover, Sajwani met with Trump after he won the election. With such a successful track record, it remains easy to see why Sajwani enjoys the success that he does.

Mike Heiligenstein Reiterates CTRMA’s Ability To Develop World-Class Mobility Solutions

In the recent past, the American-Statesman argued that Austin would continue to face traffic congestion and that the community needed to devise an innovative tech solution. Mike thanked the editorial for highlighting the problem saying that there was the need to use multiple resources to solve the traffic woes.

The Statesman talked about congestion that is caused by repetitive stopping and starting of drivers on many busy roadways. Some of the problems are caused by minor breakdowns. Mike is optimistic that minor repairs can improve congestion on the highways.

Heiligenstein contended that their Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) program plays a pivotal role in providing free roadside support to motorists having minor breakdowns. This program is supported by the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Mike posits that the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) has been building world-class mobility solutions in Austin. The institution is credited for building the 183A Toll road and U.S. 290 toll road. These programs have enhanced the road capacity. The local agency’s mission is to innovate mobility solutions for the people of Travis and Williamson counties.

Mike posited that the new MoPac Express Lanes will have variable tolling that uses intricate technology to aid in the management of traffic flow. Heiligenstein argued that the MoPac footprint was not big enough to eliminate congestion entirely. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://communityimpact.com/topics/mike-heiligenstein/

However, people will have a reliable commute that will help them to reach their various destinations in time. To ensure that there is a predictable flow of traffic, the variable tolling shall synchronize demand and supply. This way, vehicles will always be flowing in the Express Lane, even when other lanes have traffic congestion.

Mike Heiligenstein remains optimistic that someday, the road infrastructure will be able to communicate with the vehicles. CTRMA is planning to make the roads smart by utilizing baking technology.

To this end, the institution is seeking to embed fiber lines on the 183 South project that is between the airport and US 290. This information was originally mentioned on My Statesman as explicated in the following link http://www.mystatesman.com/news/opinion/heiligenstein-mopac-project-one-many-mobility-solutions/xMGCtppQvuEzYlFe8FuhSK/

About Mike Heiligenstein

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein serves as the executive director of a renowned multi-modal transportation agency, CTRMA. He has been working for the corporation since 2003. Over the years, he has helped the agency to grow into a nationally recognized mobility authority.

Notably, Heiligenstein has been a vocal advocate for pedestrian and bicycle facilities. For three decades, Mike has been a public official. He rendered his services as Williamson County Commissioner and a council member of the Round Rock City. The executive is the founding member of the Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council and Envision Central Texas Project.

Bruce Levenson Is Building New Bridges At Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson has had his hands quite full in recent days since selling the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks in 2015 reports Forbes and now settling a matter in court with the team’s former insurance company AIG. The matter pertains to the termination of former General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract and the offer by Levenson and the other owners to buy it out. AIG has not offered any payouts and Levenson and the other owners want compensation for bad faith and damages.

Since leaving the NBA franchise, Levenson has been making new connections through the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland. Do Good Institute is where students take their ideas for businesses and technologies and put them to work helping volunteer organization. According to benzinga.com, Levenson got the idea to start this institute in 2011 and it’s helped young people understand the importance of philanthropy and even allows them to choose any charity they wish to donate the money they’re given to. Levenson sees great non-profit leaders coming out and turning struggling charities into groups with strong visionaries.

Bruce Levenson has degrees in journalism from Washington University and a degree in law from American University, and he decided to go into newsletter publishing himself after determining he had the means to do so. He and Ed Peskowitz first published Oil Express in 1977, but they began adding other newsletters as the years went on. Soon they had built a major media information company and also helped start TechTarget in the coming years. Levenson and Peskowitz became owners of the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 after buying them from Turner Media.

In addition to UCG and owning the Hawks, Levenson has been active in Washington D.C. with groups such as “I Have a Dream” Foundation. He also has donated to and helped startup learning programs at the Holocaust Memorial Museum and has a mother-in-law who survived the event. He also worked with the Anti-Defamation League to bring in the Concert Against Hate promoting peace and understanding between ethnic groups.