Rubica – An Excellent Form of Personal Cyber Security

A recent article from Investing News titled “Why is Cybersecurity Important?” warns us about the issue of cyber security attacks becoming much more prevalent and serious in today’s world. While it may not seem all that serious at the moment, it is a great deal when one of these crimes impact you.


About 2 years ago, money was stolen. I didn’t use any personal cyber security at the moment and it was a big hit to my financial security. Since then I had always been weary of cyber attacks.


From that I went on to look for some form of personal cyber security to protect myself. I found something called Rubica and decided to go with that. I knew I made the right choice not too long after I got it.

Rubica has a team of experts who are always looking out for you to keep your information private. Rubica alerts you when you go on potentially dangerous sites and it can be used on all your mobile devices. You can also use it to protect the rest of your family. Don’t let your information or money get stolen like mine and protect it before it’s too late.


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