Securus Technologies Promotes Crime Prevention for Client Satisfaction



Securus Technologies has been on the lead in making the world a safer place through providing revolutionary modern communication channels in correctional facilities. On October 21st, 2016, Securus Technologies published an article highlighting the comments of some clients who loved their services. Rick, the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, announced that once in every month, the company develops an innovative product to aid in law enforcement by enhancing communication in correctional facilities. In the client comments, the management had redacted specific references and names of institutions, states, and countries for protection.


Customer Review


Here are some of the comments from clients who had utilized the facility’s services:


A customer was elated by the services Securus Technologies offered. Through the organization, the client was able to acquire a search warrant for a corrupt member of staff and recover the stolen property. He was arrested in the morning following investigations.


The second client appreciated Securus Technologies for providing a call monitor gadget. Through the gadget, the management made a follow up on a prisoner’s conversation. There was proof of suspicion leading to his arrest.


Another email from a client read that for decades, their correctional facility relied on the technology offered by Securus. According to the email, Securus Technologies is committed to revolutionizing the law enforcement facilities by providing a safe environment. The result is an improved system in the department of public safety.


About Securus Technologies


For decades, the legacy of Securus Technologies has been built on its services to prisons and public safety agencies. The American for-profit organization is headquartered in Dallas. It was established in 1986. The organization has regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Allen, and Carrollton. It serves over 2000 inmates across North America with an employee base of approximately 1000. Securus Technologies is committed to ensuring world safety by providing emergency response in all reported cases.




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