Steve Ritchie and His success in the Pizza Business

Papa John’s, which ranks number three among large pizza companies around the globe, has a new chief executive officer named Steve Ritchie. Although this is a new position for him, he has been in the company for more than two decades. Steve Ritchie is a role model for many people because his promotion is not an outcome of his academic qualification as he is a graduate of Seneca High School, but a result of hard work, consistency, and persistence.

When he joined Papa John’s in 1996, Steve Ritchie was part of the customer service team as he was a representative. He held various positions within the organization until 2006 when he became a franchise owner with Papa John’s. Eight years later, Ritchie got promoted and was named the organization’s chief operating officer. He has also worked with companies associated with Papa John’s such as Calistoga Bakery Café where he was operations consultant between 2008 and 2011. The other roles that Steve Ritchie has played in the two decades he has been with the organization include being a vice president, general manager, delivery driver, area supervisor, and director of operations (not in that order).

Steve Ritchie also ventured into business at some point in his life. Before being part of the team at Papa John’s, he had bought a local pizzeria that was in Louisville, which is his hometown. Ritchie states that this is the business that formed his values of dedication and hard work. He had to work 14 hours a day the whole week (without any day off). Ritchie also indicates that the business allowed him to gain interest in the pizza industry; thus, he ended up working at Papa John’s. Due to his achievements, Louisville Business First listed him in Forty under Forty category in 2013.

When asked about his plans, Steve Ritchie indicated that he would like to be a board member of Fortune 500 companies by 2025 as well as own more than 100 franchise units. Currently, however, his focus is on the team at Papa John’s. He also wants to facilitate brand awareness to develop the company globally, which will include making high-quality pizzas and putting in place significant technological advancements.