The RealReal: A Consignment Shop on The Move

When it comes to shopping for second-hand clothes, it’s always good to know that you’re getting the real deal. That’s why The RealReal is making a splash when viewing their Instagram page and seeing its many luxury items available. The colorful photos posted give viewers a snapshot of what The RealReal has to offer. Though most consumers may shop online, The RealReal recently opened its luxury consignment shop in SoHo. Customers can visit the shop and experience the items first-hand while sifting through various name brand clothing. While waiting, they can lounge on a textural beautiful couch as the staff appraises their items. Some visit the shop in hopes of finding a trendy handbag, piece of jewelry, name brand outfit or the right accessory to go with a current outfit.

The business is the brainchild of Julie Wainwright who started it in 2011. The RealReal was highly successful when it raised nearly $173 million and opened up its first shop in SoHo. The shop has amenities such as a coffee bar downstairs and in the middle of the floor it offers a monthly selection of a brand name line. Consignment shops can be very fun as customers engage with sales associates who can give them a background on the items they are looking for. The RealReal SoHo shop allows customers to temporarily remove items from the site as they consider buying them from the floor.

The RealReal’s Instagram page also includes creative quotes for musicians, former actors, celebrity influencers, famous directors and brand name companies themselves. The photos have a variety of beautiful luxury items that remain on trend and can go quite fast. There are diamond rings, watches even photos that shows items reserved for Beyonce. The RealReal is legit and it’s Instagram page shows many exotic and “must have” products.